11 Июня, 2012
  • Запущен экологический проект в г.Улан-Батор, Монголия.
16 Марта, 2012
  • Смена эксклюзивного представителя в РФ, им стала компания "ИТАЛГАЗ"

Dual fuel systems - alternate fuels for the next ten years.

DieselGas LTD  is a manufacturer of top-class electronic gas systems for internal combustion diesel engines.
Dual-fuel diesel-gas system allows the engine to work on a mixture of diesel and gas fuels, achieving significant cost savings and lower carbon emissions. Economical and environmental results are strictly dependant on the ratio of diesel fuel substitution by gas.
Our company started its activity as a government certified organization. The result of 15 years presence on the local market is 90% of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles using gaseous fuels instead of petrol. In 2001 there were started researches in the field of gas fuel applicability in diesel engines. Now a separate company uniting a vast staff of scientists, engineers (also from abroad) and other workers develop and manufacture our diesel-gas systems.
The system characteristics and advantages.
  • Unique patented electronic control unit, which allows to set any needed amount of diesel fuel to be injected regardless the type of engine or fuel pump. Some types of the engines operating  our system can work consuming only 8% of diesel and 92% of natural gas.
Such results were not possible before, because most world manufacturers (our engineers tested or examined most of the systems available on the market) just add gas fuel to the engine without physical limitation of diesel fuel. Despite the level of their systems’ complicity, all of them use gas as secondary fuel. Such approach raises the engine combustion effectiveness and power at about 10%. Theoretically this results in 10-20% decrease of diesel consumption. In practice, the driver uses the additional power, and only under the conditions of low load, such as constant speed movement, certain diesel fuel substitution can be achieved.
The most significant technical innovation, which makes our system different from most systems existing in the world is that our system uses the air/gas mixture as a primary fuel and diesel is used for ignition only.
  • Sequential multipoint gas injection
The main electronic control unit constantly controls and adjusts the precise quantities of gas and diesel fuel, which are injected. Gas is delivered to the engine by the means of high-speed wide pulse modulated injectors. 1000 times per second the control unit analyses the working conditions of the engine, such as RPM, throttle position, camshaft position, air quantity, intake temperature, boost pressure, gas pressure and temperature, coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature.  As a result, each separate engine cylinder always gets the precise needed amount of fuel.
The system is fully self-adaptive, it constantly calibrates the engine performance according to numerous factors: engine wear, driving conditions and even the driver`s style.
  • Wireless monitoring of vehicle operational modes: working hours, load, brake times, numbers of actually working vehicles etc. A specially designed software for distance monitoring allows to manage transport fleets more effectively (optional). All operational data is also stored in every ECU during 3 last month.
  • Absolute operational safety.
The system constantly monitors all engine parameters, such as coolant and exhaust temperature, RPM, load, boost, gas pressure etc. In the case of the excess of any of these parameters, the system tries to fix it. If this attempt fails, the system automatically switches into the diesel mode informing the driver about operational mistake.
  • Suitable for all vehicles with 4, 6, 8 or 12 cylinders and with engine capacity from 1 to 60 liters.
  • Applicability in commercial transportation, private users, agriculture, mining industry, marine, station generators, railway.
  •  All mechanical components of the system, such as vaporizers, pipes, hoses etc. are interchangeable with analogical parts of other manufacturers available on the market.
  • Full 1 year warranty on all system’s components.
  • 24 hour technical support by phone, fax, e-mail or Skype. Our technicians are always ready to give any possible support and solve the problem together with our client.
  • Durability and reliability. Only best components and thousands of hours spent in dyno laboratories resulted in top quality of our product. It can be proved by hundreds of users in different countries.
System components:
  1. ECU (electronic control unit)
  2. Diesel limitation unitDual Fuel diesel-gas system kit
  3. Wires
  4. Switch
  5. TPS sensor
  6. Camshaft sensor
  7. Crankshaft sensor
  8. Turbo boost sensor
  9. Gas pressure sensor
  10. Coolant sensor
  11. Reducer/vaporizer
  12. Injectors
  13. Gas valve
  14. CNG feed pipe
  15. Hoses for gas, water, injectors, boost etc.
  16. T-pieces for water connections
  17. All other necessary accessories: clips, cable ties, spades, bolts, nuts, pipe clams.
Please contact us by email first: [email protected]
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, +380 67 935 44 55

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Dual Fuel Diesel Gas system

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